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sfAMA has partnered with Project Open Hand to set-up a volunteer for sfAMA members. Members can volunteer at one of the daily or weekly meals or at the leading events.


June 03, 2016

Branding means something much different circa 2016. With mobile devices providing an always-connected world, branding still encompasses those critical tent poles of messaging and identity — but now it comes wrapped up in a bigger picture, one that marketing expert Brian Solis terms as the customer experience (CX).


March 15, 2016

Along with enjoying great drinks and some cool art, the crowd of sfAMA members and guests met and mingled while celebrating the nut of the day, the pistachio. You mean you didn’t know that February 26 was National Pistachio Day?? Well, the sfAMA was on top of it and pistachios were well represented (and eaten).


March 09, 2016

On February 26th, Charlene Li, Principal Analyst at Altimeter, spoke to a room packed with marketers and marketing students seeking to understand where to best focus their energies through the ongoing process of adapting to the digital transformation that started for many of us around 2005


February 02, 2016

Our November 10 event hosted at the Twitter Aviator Room drew a crowd of professionals interested in learning more about the sharing economies impact on the future of marketing. Jeremiah Owyang presented the Collaborative Economy Honeycomb which showcases new ways businesses are using the crowd to market, transact, and share goods. In closing Jeremiah suggested that this… read more

November 14, 2015

Creating a Digital Content Factory Speaker: Scot Abel Our October 20th program drew a good crowd of marketers interested in hearing what Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, had to say about developing quality content. He reiterated what many of us know when developing content – write your content in modules so that it can serve multi-purposes.  For… read more

October 28, 2015

Our recent event held at the Tony Press Club wine bar was truly a fun affair. The sfAMA had their own area set apart from the rest of the Club where delicious wines and cheeses were served. There were over 70 marketers in attendance, many of whom were attending their first sfAMA event. Some of the… read more

October 09, 2015