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Our Upcoming Events
TCM Institute HTML5 Interactive Advertising & Analytics: Discussion & Hackathon

Hear about the latest trends in cross-channel marketing engagements, web...

Connected Marketer Summit

The Summit will feature leading brand marketers and MarTech providers sharing...

Leading the Marketing Planning Initiative - 2017 - Tampa, FL

A great marketing planning process can make the difference in whether an...

Essentials of B2B Marketing - 2017 - New Orleans, LA

The B2B marketing landscape is rapidly changing to reflect changes in the...

2017 Winter AMA Conference

Better marketing for a better world. Speakers, events, learning and networking...

Digital Strategy and Analytics - 2017 - Clearwater, FL

This course delivers a solid understanding of new digital technologies and...

Measuring Marketing ROI - 2017 - Chicago, IL

This two-day marketing ROI workshop will walk you through basic and more...

Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication for Marketing Success - 2017 - Philadelphia, PA

Today’s marketer is not only assessed by their ability to adapt to their own...

AMA International Collegiate Conference

The AMA International Collegiate Conference is one of the best investments you...

Content Marketing - 2017 - Chicago, IL

This workshop will focus on how to create and leverage the myriad forms of...

Effective Marketing Writing - 2017 - Austin, TX

Many marketing professionals face triple responsibilities when they write....

2017 Marketing and Public Policy Conference

The AMA's annual Marketing and Public Policy Conference offers a broad range...

2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference

The 2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference call for proposals is now open! We...


About Volunteering

Volunteering with AMA|Sf offers an opportunity to

  • learn and develop new skills
  • grow relationships with all types of marketers
  • build out your resume.

To learn more, please complete the PDF Volunteer Form or Word Volunteer Form and email it to us at

Here’s a sample of current volunteer activities:

Events: event management; identify great venues; develop “Wow!” factors to create excellent events.

Content Creation: writing for blogs, web and email copy

Communications: graphic design, copy writing, social media

Community Engagement: Assisting with recruiting and retention efforts for members and volunteers.

Salesforce CRM: Assist with our crm development. Help build out our Salesforce program including strategy, administration, and execution.

Your pick! Got an idea or something you’d like to do? Let’s talk!

General Responsibilities for volunteers

  • Not all volunteer roles require membership in AMA|Sf.
  • The time commitment varies; at peak times and depending on the role, it could be up to 5-10 hours per week.
  • Maintain contact with an assigned AMA|Sf team leader.

To learn more, please complete the PDF Volunteer Form or Word Volunteer Form and email it to us at