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About Volunteering

We’d like to encourage you to become more involved with the SFAMA. There are a several ways in which you might do that.

Become a volunteer. Each of us currently working with the SFAMA possesses unique and valuable skills that we offer on a pro bono basis to the organization. If you are interested in applying, please complete the PDF Volunteer Form or Word Volunteer Form and email it to us.

We hope to get to know you better with your involvement with the SFAMA. We have a variety of opportunities available. Some of them are listed below.

  • Membership
    • Recruitment of new chapter members
    • Retention efforts for existing chapter members
    • Monthly or Quarterly orientation sessions (for members or non-members): discussion of the member benefits and chapter operations
  • cherie-carterEvents & Workshops
    • Could include things such as hospitality efforts (greeter), registration desk and check-in, location logistics and interface, speaker liaison and/or selection, development of event announcement content.
  • Public Relations
    • Notification to partner organizations and media outlets of our upcoming events or newsworthy announcements
  • Sponsorships
    • Soliciting new sponsors for the organization, whether in-kind or cash donations.
    • Following up with existing sponsors to ensure we are living up to our promises in the sponsorship agreement (requires some knowledge of Excel spreadsheets to track information)
  • Marketing Communications
    • The Marketing Communications committee is responsible for regular communications with Chapter membership.
    • Communications is in charge of effectively, efficiently and consistently communicating to members and prospects to increase awareness, attendance, membership and involvement.
    • Develop and maintain the Chapter’s Website.
  • Social Media (sub-committee of Marketing Communications)
    • The social media committee is responsible for cutting edge communications with our marketing community.
    • Engage our community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Plancast, Flickr, etc.
    • Create insightful and meaningful blog content
    • Support all the other Chapter teams
  • Mixers
    • Could include things such as hospitality efforts (greeter), registration desk and check-in, location logistics and interface, speaker liaison and/or selection, development of event announcement content.

General Responsibilities for volunteers

  • Membership to SFAMA chapter is required
  • Time commitment: 5 – 10 hours per week
  • Responsibilities common to all Officers and Directors.
  • Attend monthly program meeting.
  • Mandatory attendance at monthly board meetings.
    Lead and support all communication activities of the organization.
  • Identify and prepare a volunteer to fill the role the following year.
    • Online activities could include drafting and executing email announcements
    • For print newsletter, activities could include gathering and copy editing articles, working with a designer to create the print document, working with printer to have final document printed

Volunteer Benefits

  • Volunteering demonstrates your commitment to SFAMA and your profession.
  • Chapter and National Recognition
  • Develop marketing, management, & leadership skills applicable to career advancement.
  • Committee members may receive a discount on SFAMA events (varies based on event).
  • Access to additional expertise.
  • Better contact with the community.
  • Able to provide better assistance to clients because of information received from SFAMA.

Volunteers have played a significant role in each of our milestones by contributing time, skills, enthusiasm and passion in all that they do. Volunteers have served in a variety of capacities in growing our organization. They have served to organize and implement a number of events, acted as part of committees, and been public advocates within the community. The work of our organization has been greatly extended through volunteer service into areas that, otherwise, could not be considered because of limited resources. We are grateful for all that our volunteers do and look forward to continued growth and relationship in the coming years.